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Water Sustainability Project Awards

International Eco-Hero Innovation Award Winner
Coolest Projects USA Award (National Raspberry Pi Competition)
Broadcom MASTERS Science Fair - Nationwide Semi-finalist
1st Prize in California State Science Fair
Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Intelligent Systems  - Certificate of Achievement
 Synopsys Silicon Valley Science Fair 1st Prize

High School Academic Achievements


National Merit Semifinalist Achievement

Science Medallion Winner For the Class of 2022


General Excellence Award: Top 3 in English, Science, Math, & Social Studies (2021-2022)

General Excellence Award: Top 3 in Social Studies, Science, Service, and English (2020-2021)

History Department and Service Department Undergraduate Award Recipient (2019-2020)


Biology Department Undergraduate Award Recipient - Archbishop Mitty High School (2018-2019)

Three-Time Biology Olympiad Semi-Finalist (2020, 2021, and 2022)


British Biology Olympiad Gold Medalist 2021 (Top 5% out of 8500+ participants)


Intermediate Biology Olympiad Gold Medal Winner 2021(Top 5% of 8873 students from 449 schools worldwide)


Toronto BioOlympiad -  Top 10% (2019)

AP Scholar with Distinction Award (2022 and 2021)

AP Scholar (2020)

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth’s Study of Exceptional Talent - Award of Grand Honors 2017

Community Service Awards

​​Recipient of $10,000 Gloria Barron Award (2021)

2022 Cameron Impact Scholarship Finalist 


Recipient of $1,000 Coolidge Senator Award (2021)

INDIA New England News's 2021 "20 Under 20" (2021)

International Eco-Hero Innovation Award Winner (2020)

International WIN-WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Youth Award Finalist (representing North America) (2020): Top 5 out of 358 entries

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (Young Adult, 2020)

St. Francis of Assisi Service Award (2019, 2020, 2021)

Science Fair Awards

Recipient of $10,000 Davidson Fellows Scholarship (2021): Recognized by Forbes as "one of the nation’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarships"


International ASU Sustainability Solutions Science Fair - Wells Fargo Community Innovation 2nd Place winner (2020)


International Coolest Project (2020)- VIP Judge Mitch Resnick, MIT Media Lab Professor, Favorite Project


Blue Ocean Pitch Competition Top 25 and Top 10 in Healthcare Category (2021)


Coolest Projects USA Award (National Raspberry Pi Competition), Grand Prize Winner (2020) 


Synopsys Silicon Valley Science fair (2020); 1st Prize in Biological Science and Engineering Category

Qualified for California Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF)

American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin Award


Blue Ocean Pitch Competition Top 30 (2020)


BioGenius Regional Semi-Finalist (2020)


Coolest Projects USA Award (National Raspberry Pi Competition), Hardware Category - 1st place (2019) 


Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) National Science Competition- Regional Finalist (2019)


Regional Synopsys Silicon Valley Science Fair - 1st place (2017, 2016)


Synopsys Outreach Foundation n+1 Prize - Finalist  (2017)


United States Navy and Marine Corps - Medal (2017)


State fair - 2nd place  (2017)


Broadcom MASTERS Science Fair - Nationwide Semi-finalist (2017, 2016)


Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Intelligent Systems  - Certificate of Achievement (2016)


State Fair- 1st place in (2016) 

Papers Published/Conference Submissions

Using Machine Learning Models and Logistic Regression Analyses to Develop a Comprehensive Understanding of Extinction Risk For Marine Animal Phyla Across the Paleozoic (2021) - American Geophysical Union Conference

Identifying Driving Factors of Extinction and Body Size for Molluscs During the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction (2020) - American Geophysical Union Conference

"California’s 18th Congressional District Student Advisory Board - Climate Change June 7th, 2021 Report"(Library of Congress)

Definitions, Formulas, and Simulated Examples for Plagiarism Detection with FAIR Metrics (2019)

 Managing Scientific Literature with Software from the PORTAL-DOORS Project slides & demo video (2019)

DREAM Principles and FAIR Metrics from the PORTAL-DOORS Project for the Semantic Web with slides (2019)

Media Recognitions

Forbes Article: Barron Prize Supports 15 ‘Young Heroes’ Tackling Environmental And Other Issues


The Guardian Article: Coding the future: the tech kids solving life’s problems

Davidson Award Winner Description - Adarsh Ambati

Earth911Podcast: Adarsh Ambati, Innovator Interview
Raspberry Pi Live Stream: Tech Project for Social Good, Interview with winner Adarsh Ambati. This “Live Stream” initiative was a drive by the Raspberry Pi organization to inspire youth around the world to code for social good. It was viewed around the world by 4.6K+ viewers.
Recognized by Raspberry Pi CEO, Phillip Colligan: The next generation of digital makers. TEDxOpenUniversity; The project is featured from 9:42 to 12:06 mins in the video 
MagPi: Magazine for users of the Raspberry Pi computer. The project is showcased in Issue#83: Pages 18 and 19
Hello World D
igital Magazine, Issue 14; Article Title “Conservation in Action”  Page 31 & 32
Almaden Times: “Almaden student Adarsh Ambati wins the 2020 International Young Eco-Hero Award”



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