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I am a Senior from San Jose, CA, USA, and I am very passionate about the environment and combating climate change. Because of one of the worst droughts in California history, I grew up not only theoretically learning about the importance of water but also practically witnessing the devastating effects of water shortage. From the lush green lawns turned brown to the creek in front of my home drying up, silencing the ever croaking of the frogs, I noticed the impact that climate change has on our daily lives. As a 6th grader, I used to accompany my brother to BioCurious, our community lab. Seminars and workshops regarding climate change at the lab provided me with a lens for understanding and internalizing the environmental effect of climate change on organisms and their ecosystems.  

As such, I am excited to have been selected as one of the twelve students in the Stanford Earth Young Investigators Biodiversity Program, where, this summer and the last, I have researched the importance of biodiversity in our planet’s history. I am also conducting epidemiology-related research at the Brandman Lab at Stanford working on studying the relationship between COVID19 mutations and environmental, disease, and demographic statistics.

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As a passionate environmentalist, I hope to address climate change through a three-pronged approach: innovation, education, and advocacy.

Innovation - I design and develop products and solutions by incorporating technology and environmental sciences that promote environmental sustainability like the Smart, Community Sprinkler Project and the Amphibian Biodiversity Protection Initiative

Education - I strongly believe that for society to be sustainable, innovation is not enough—education is imperative. For this reason, I started Gro-STEMs which teaches STEM to underprivileged communities. Gro-STEMs partners with LifeMoves, Aarti for Girls, Black Girls Code, and San Jose Public Libraries to provide over 150+ STEM classes and climate change education, which we fund by selling succulent favors (raised $6,250+). Gro-STEMS also promotes climate change awareness by distributing care cards (600+ delivered) containing environmentally sustainable practices. Also as a Student Board member of Tech for Global Good, I helped lead the efforts for the Youth Climate Action Summit, one of the largest youth summits in the Bay Area with over 700+ attendees in 2021. Ultimately, I aim to foster interest in STEM education and increase scientific literacy because I firmly believe that the next generation of scientists will play instrumental roles in combating climate change.


Advocacy: I recognize that for widespread progress, legislative action is necessary. Thus, I promote environmental advocacy as the Environmental Justice lead of the Mitty Advocacy Project (MAP), my school’s student-led advocacy club, as a part of the San Jose District 10 Youth Leadership Coalition, and as a committee chair of California’s District 18 Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s Student Board.

The Green Environment Initiatives


The Community Sprinkler


Amphibian Biodiversity Protection Initiative

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Community Labs through the Teens Teaching Organization

Black Girls Code through Gro-STEMs


Aarti For Girls through Gro-STEMs


San Jose Public Library through Gro-STEMs


LifeMoves Homeless Shelter through Gro-STEMs

Other Engineering Projects

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Contactless Vital Signs Monitor


AI-Based Firewall Using SNORT

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